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Bovine Services

Herd Health Services
We work on some of today's toughest bovine herd health challenges, including mastitis and displaced abomasums. We concentrate not only on the symptoms of ailments, but also the underlying causes and impact they may have on other animals in the herd. Our goal is to increase your profitability and animal performance by improving the overall health of your entire herd.

Reproductive Performance
Your breeding program is the foundation for your herd, often determining overall productivity and profitability for your entire operation. We realize the important roles minimizing postpartum interval, proper nutrition and body condition scoring play in keeping your animals bred. Maintaining your current breeding herd by decreasing the rate of replacement females allows you to maximize profitability from your own animals.

We utilize advanced diagnostics such as digital ultrasonography and uterine cytology to work with problem breeders providing the best quality reproductive care for your cattle.

Surgical Procedures
We perform routine surgical procedures including correcting displaced abomasums and cesarean sections for difficult deliveries. 

Continuing Care
For your convenience, we can gladly set up programs of continuing care. A few of the programs that can be customized for your animals or farm are:

  • Reproduction
  • Nutrition
  • Deworming
  • Vaccinations